About us

We are 25 economic, geography and political science students from the University Leipzig.

We joined the module offered by the Institute For Urban Development and Construction Management (ISB) at University Leipzig over the Winter Semester 21/22.

Our goal? To gain knowledge of urban development processes that aim to build sustainable and livable neighbourhoods. How can we tackle these goals in a city welcoming a growing diversity of people and uses?

Our method? Learn and work hands-on practical exercises. We will sharpen our critical thinking by simulating the development process of a mixed-use piazza in the Bayerische Bahnhof area, currently initiating one of the largest urban renewal processes in Leipzig. 

With this website, we want to share our initiation to urban development genuinely.

We will share our perception of the actual Bayerischer Bahnhof lands and surroundings; we will untangle demographic and economic data to see what the forecast for the area is; we will shake the “sustainable” and “livability” concepts and goals by envisioning the development of a new piazza.

Visit our investigations and visions

We hope our work to actively contribute to the conversation about urban sustainability and livability.


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