The semester is now over!

Students have designed the core of a thriving neighbourhood, around Lößniger Piazza. If you are looking for inspiration about how a thriving neighbourhood for all could look like, click on their images below.

District Contrast – feeling or reality?

Portikus Bayerischer Bahnhof (photographed by us)

When we entered the brownfield of the “Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof” for the first time we were immediately struck by the contrast between the prefabricated housing estate on the “Straße des 18. Oktober” and the old buildings of the Südvorstadt.
For the second task, we want to continue this focus, but this time approach the topic with scientific methods and investigate whether these contrasts can also be determined objectively. First, we will look at the building structure, secondly at the building materials used, and finally at the use of the buildings.

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Where are the people between Südvorstadt and Südost?

Prefabricated buildings in the southeast area
Prefabricated housing estates in south-east district

The open spaces south of Bayerischer Bahnhof seem to be one thing above all: barely noticed. The crossing, serving as an extension of Shakespeare Straße, is well frequented by people, otherwise: all is quiet. Only the passing of the S-Bahn trains inside the new city tunnel broke the silence. Since the closure of the old Bayerischer Bahnhof and the dismantling of the tracks, no one seems to use the area. We have seen little reuse by the adjacent neighborhoods. That it is winter and we are in the middle of a pandemic may not be the only reasons. Could socio-spatially polarized neighborhoods and a lack of networks be the central factors?

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