A walk through urban wilderness

Panorama (own photography)

Desolate. Abandoned. Lonely.

These are possible words to describe the area between Bayerischer Bahnhof and the Panometer in the south of Leipzig. But what will we find – a hidden natural paradise right in the middle of the city or just another industrial brownfield?

Join our group of university students and discover how nature is claiming back city ground.

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Between City Life and Wilderness: The Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof

The southern part of the Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof. On the left, buildings of the MDR can be seen. (picture taken by author on the 20th October 2021)

Can you imagine that there is a huge, undeveloped area right in the heart of a city ? A wide green space that is left behind with its unused potential ? We could not imagine that either, but then we visited the Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof in Leipzig. Therefore, we want to further investigate this area and learn about its character for this year’s semester project. Do you want to join us on this journey ?

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From Tracks to Trails

First footsteps on the research site “Lößniger Area”

View from Lößniger Area to Lößniger Straße

In the first part of our research on the Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof, we made our first visit to the site to find out how we personally perceive the area in its current state. We quickly discovered that the site is currently very far away from the visions of the future. Come along our journey as we document our feelings and emotions about the area.

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Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof – connecting or separating people?

The ‘Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof’ at the moment

We are five students at the University of Leipzig. This semester we are working on the project Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof located in the south-east of Leipzig. To get a first impression of the people in the urban space and the bordering districts, we decided to go for a walk, to get a closer look at the surroundings and the different people we encounter. We asked ourselves what meaning the area has for people right now and if it connects or separates them?

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Insights into the old buildings of Bayerischer Bahnhof

The train station “Bayerischer Bahnhof” is a historically important functional site in the city of Leipzig. In the construction project, the function of the station is now being renewed from the ground up.

Before the construction started we got the opportunity to investigate the condition of the existing buildings at Lößniger Area. As result we want to give you our first impressions of the existing buildings. In order to do that we have recreated our own walking route and put five special spots on it.

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