Get Together! Vision for an Interactive Neighborhood

What do people connect with living in a city? Maybe you think of a place where many diverse people can live and work together. But living in a city is often also very lonely and anonymous. In fact, most people don’t even know their neighbors. In our vision for the Lößniger Piazza, we would like to change that and imagine a place where people from all walks of life can come together for a wide variety of activities. 

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The Lößniger Piazza: an inclusive and participative center

aerial view of the design for the city quarter Lößniger Straße

In the south of Leipzig, the new urban space Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof is emerging. It is an ambitious project right between the two districts, Zentrum-Südost and the Südvorstadt. The center of the urban space is the Lößniger area with a triangular Piazza. The Lößniger Piazza will be the heart of the new quarter, offering a lot of undefined space. This Piazza is currently undergoing the design process. To contribute to this process, we created a functional program based on our research about the area. If you want to get further information about the research process, we recommend you read the previous articles about the analysis.

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Lößniger Piazza- a social meeting point


The Lößniger Piazza, heart of the Lößniger area, will play a crucial role for the inhabitants. With its various gastronomic, cultural and social attractions, it creates a place for meeting and exchange between different groups of people. In reminiscence of the former techno club Distillery, the piazza carries an urban, subcultural imprint. (Stadtbau Wohnprojekte Leipzig)

Based on our key findings from Task 2, which you can find here, we have created our vision of this place and this is how it looks like:

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Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood for Everyone

the new neighborhood, source:

Leipzig is growing fast. In fact, it is the city with the fastest-growing population in Germany (Citation). The city’s affordable rent made Leipzig attractive, especially for a rapidly growing number of young people. The comparatively inexpensive rent was a product of numerous vacant buildings and unexploited potential building grounds. Many of these lots were abandoned industrial sites or connected to railway use. In our semester project, we already analyzed one of those areas, the Stadtraum Bayerischer Bahnhof, more precisely the so(on-to-be)-called Lößniger Piazza. Now we take a look at its upcoming turnaround, and how to incorporate our ideas on how to ensure a lively, sustainable, and socially fair neighborhood.

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