A virtual walk through nature

View over the fallow
View over the fallow, self made

Nature is not what looks well-groomed and landscaped, but what has not been created by humans. It is a part of reality, whose details are often unnoticed because of superficial layering.

Soon, the large construction project will begin on fallow land behind the porticus of the “Bayerischer Bahnhof”. In this article we will show you how diverse a fallow landscape can be, if you take a closer look and which discoveries can be made there.  Nature is difficult to describe, you have to experience and explore it.

We invite you to join us our virtual tour.

1 – Start

We enter the development site next to the “Distillery“, on a wide concrete footpath, that turns into a cobblestone path. It feels like a summer day, but by the thick jackets you can tell that autumn has already arrived. The sun glistens and provides a warm tingling on exposed skin. Nature appears in the vibrant autumn colors and the trees have already shed their leaves.

2 – Plant in the trees

As the vegetation becomes denser and more diverse, we follow the narrow path and reach a ruin on the edge of the fallow, where black poplars are grow out of the building. In a treetop we discover an artificial houseplant, similar to that of the “Statue of Liberty“. On the ground we see the dew-covered Calamagrostis, which can be used to make high-pitched sounds.

3 – Compost with edible plants

Only a few meters away, an old rusty excavator catches our eye. After climbing over a fallen building fence, we discover a compost heap. The many different kinds of plants that we find here are impressive. From edible plants like fennel, lemon balm, field bean and cabbage to a delicate Cosmos flower. As we look up, we spot a big hill next to us. While we walk up, the large wasteland lies open in front of us. 

From above we can see a small group of conifers next to the many deciduous trees.

4 – Pines

We smell the typical scent of pine trees. Creating the feeling of having arrived in a forest. A flock of pigeons rises from the treetops, causing some cones to fall down to the ground.  

5 – Blackberries

A few steps further, we find something to eat. A big blackberry hedge full of fruits. Unfortunately, due to insufficient sunlight, they could never reach their ripe stage.

6 – Blackthorn

We follow the disruptive sounds of the suburban train to the east of the wasteland. Here, we recognize the clear separation between nature and infrastructure. What immediately catches our eyes, is the planted row of oak trees. The planting seems to have been recent as they are still very young. We walk on a slightly muddy ground, looking down, we see paw prints. Blackthorn and rose hip bushes line the path. The natural impression is disturbed by the railroad system and the prefabricated buildings.

Virtual walk

This is the end of our tour. At first, we would not have thought that there is such a great diversity of plant species in the middle of the city.

Despite the large construction project, we hope that nature will find an appropriate place there in the future. For example, to build an extensive green area or to maintain the numerous pine trees.

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