Activities envisioned – for a vibrant neighbourhood

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In its current state, the area behind the Bayerischer Bahnhof seems just like any other wasteland.

It is a large open space packed with wild vegetation, surrounded by abandoned houses. It appears as an almost unused space. People go there to walk their dog or hang around, drinking and relaxing.

But the wasteland behind the Bayerischer Bahnhof also offers enormous design potential.
Imagine: a thriving neighourhood – filled with arts and culture, a strong community bond and many different activities.

So, how is it possible to use the existing cultural structures that have been created over the years?

How does one design a neighbourhood that encourages strong interaction between people?

What activities can contribute to the creation of an active neighbourhood?

We have to answer all these questions when considering how to create a vibrant neighbourhood.

Art & Culture

People already use this space to create art and culture, as seen in the graffiti pieces and the sculpture on site.

Instead of contributing to the loss of creative spaces we want to preserve them.
For example, maintaining the Distillery as a music and artist space to highlight the history of the last 25 years. Furthermore, we want to put our focus on graffiti and street art.

Sculpture found on-site day one vs. day two

To illustrate this idea, have a look at IBUG (Industrie Brachen UmGestaltung – a Street Art Festival that turns industrial wasteland into an art gallery). Or, the quarter ‘Quinta do Mocho‘ in Sacavém, Portugal (where artists used the walls of high-rise buildings as huge canvases). As a result, our neighbourhood will become lively, vibrant, frequented, and colorful.

Additionally, we want to create activities inclusive to everyone. For instance, we want to offer music rooms, theater stages (open-air and indoor), rehearsal rooms, studios, workshops, clubs, event locations and many more!

People from all over Leipzig can participate. This brings movement, life and interaction to the quarter.

Imagination Culture
Open air stage imagined in the Bayerischer Bahnhof area

Gardening & Community

How do you design a neighbourhood in a way that encourages strong interaction between people?

Right now, it is uninhabited and maze-like, with wild shrubs growing all over the place. To keep some elements of nature in the face of change, there will be Urban Gardening on the green spaces that have been created.

In the Lößniger Area the people of the neighbourhood are encouraged to actively exchange ideas. Therefore we want to establish a sharing platform, which also highlights the sustainable aspect reflected in all areas of the neighbourhood.

Do-it-yourself repair workshops are also linked to this, where one can repair bicycles or other items with expert support.

Participation in shaping the neighbourhood is promoted in all phases of its development and is encouraged even after the construction phase is complete. For this purpose, a permanent neighbourhood office will be set up as a meeting and information point.

Imaginaton Urban Gardening
Urban Gardening imagined at the Bayerischer Bahnhof area

Parks & Activities

Even before the construction project is realized, the open space is increasingly used for sports activities and walks. During our field trip on site, we observed several people enjoying different kinds of outdoor activities. The park area should therefore continue to support these activities. Sports areas such as soccer or basketball fields, gym areas and running tracks, would create plenty of social interaction.

Furthermore, with well-developed sidewalks, beautiful park benches and an elaborate layout that highlights the beautiful environmental contrast, one can spend their free time in a welcoming park area.

Chess boards, barefoot paths and play areas also offer enough activities for children, so that parents too can relax and enjoy a Fair Trade coffee on the surrounding benches.

Imagination Basketball field
Basketball field imagined in the Bayerischer Bahnhof area

You’ve read our vision. Now, what’s yours?

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